I am a fifth year PhD student working with Prof. Lisa Manning, Prof. Cristina Marchetti and Prof. Jennifer Schwarz in Soft Matter Department of Syracuse University. I am studying mechanisms for cell segregation in 2D and 3D confluent tissues with two cell types. In general, I am interested in theoretical biophysics and, the dynamics and mechanics of soft matter systems 


 Kinesin-5, a motor protein, is highly indispensable for cell division. It is therefore, an important candidate for anti-cancer drug. I performed MD Simulation to gauge the conformational changes in this motor protein in the absence of ligand. 

Cells bidisperse in size and shape, do not segregate when mixed together in a confluent tissue. Understanding the mechanism behind such a robust mixing will help us understand why biological cells have to resort to creating an extra line tension along heterotypic contacts. This way they create compartmentalization between both kinds of cells. Such cells sorting is seen frequently in benign tumors and their subsequent destabilization leads to metastasis.  

Syracuse University, NY

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